girlfriend now.

I’m leaving a comment for the first time because it doesn’t seem like anything When I was 20 years old, I dated my first girlfriend of the same age for about 8 years. I wondered if it would feel different if I dated someone else. I thought it would be better if I dated someone older and younger. In my 20s, when I get married, I have to look at only one woman, but I always come back like an echo asking if I can live with this mind, and if I don’t feel anything with my body. However, I speak as a person who has experienced the situation and thoughts you are talking about. No one who would feel like such a good girlfriend would ever come back. At first, if you go later, she is already a precious girlfriend of another man. You don’t know how I feel, but please don’t regret the same as much as I do and live happily with your girlfriend now.

Don't waste your time. Youth never comes again. Every year, the same flowers bloom in different seasons, but every year, people don't look the same and change. Love yourself like treasure

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